Powerful Features: Go Further, Faster

smart dashboard

Team evolution

Smart graphs to follow the evolution of the team, the level of engagement with courses and other content.


No more manual tasks

In the Management Panel there are resources and integrations with CHAT GPT that automate day-to-day tasks of the training and development team


Artificial Intelligence: Personalized experience

EVA is a virtual assistant that helps automate HR tasks, understands preferences and which skills each person on the team needs to develop, and creates a personalized experience.


800+ lessons, 400 book summaries, Library with multi-format content

80+ courses from real experts, 400+ bestselling book summaries, and much more.

+ For HR: Efficiency in one place

Measure results

Smart board to monitor the evolution of the team in real time

Scale your workouts

Create custom routes and scale to groups, by company areas or employee profiles

Powerful Ranking and Features

The different activities of each user are worth points in the ranking, unlock badges and allow you to meet the most committed collaborators.

Your contents

Include your content create your own content library for contributors

+ Productivity

Schedule the sending of reports, schedule training and much more: evolluo works for you.

+ For your team: better learning experience

Learning experience

Intuitive environment to encourage employee learning

Each collaborator is unique

Promotes development based on the interests of each one and even has our AI to recommend content

Learning journey

Personalized pathways engage and personalize the learning experience for employees


Eva, our artificial intelligence, adapts the employee’s learning experience and recommends content that needs to be developed

Study routine

Employees can create their own study routine. Choose the best time and day to develop and receive personalized alerts

Content from top experts

Market experts in more than 80 agile and practical courses available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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